Friday, April 4, 2014

Check out the MarcusMentions blog!!

Hi everyone....

We wanted to be sure you continue to read the Marcus Fabrics blog... we have another article to share with you.  They post great tips, new fabrics coming up and fun things for all of you.

Here is the link:  MarcusMentions   Even I was excited to read it over again... they popped a new surprise at the bottom of the article about NEW WOOL they will be offering soon!  Hey... who doesn't love NEW WOOL DESIGNS!  I simply cannot wait to see it!!!

Today I'm working on a new quilt...and it is so much fun!  Joy (one of my sewing buddies) made this quilt and showed it to all of us (she's like a machine...pumps them out like crazy...!).  It's from our great friends at Missouri Quilt Company.  It's called the Mini Wacky Web Template... Check it out:  Wacky Template
Wacky Template updated information

It makes this sweet Periwinkle Pattern by Fons and Porter!  Here is the link to order:  Periwinkle Quilt

Isn't it sweet?  So fresh looking.... clean and crisp.  I'm making the smaller version at the moment... and I'm making my white sections out of 2 different background fabrics... so when I assemble the blocks it will make a secondary pattern within the quilt too!  Once I get a few block together... I'll post some photos.  I'm telling you .... you will love this.

Plus... you can use the "string" piecing method for the side templates and keep the center one plain.  The options are enormous!  

Okay... my honey is calling me for breakfast... I'm out of here....then on to my sewing machine!!

Have a super day!


p.s.  If you are a lover of reproduction fabric... check out Barbara Brackman's new line called Ladies Album.... I just ordered a fat quarter bundle!  Can't wait to give it a big HUG when it arrives!!
Ladies Album

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hi there!!! 

I've hit a milestone.... I've celebrated my 65th birthday and am  now officially on Medicare.  You know... I really hate the sound of that!  Medicare... ouch!!  Of course the alternatives are a bit WORSE!  I was so excited the other day when I went to the doctor and didn't have to pay for my office visit.  However, since Jack and I have retired from the Navy and working... our insurance has risen 500% !!  Doesn't that seem a bit ridiculous?  Yep.... since we both HAVE to take Medicare versus just our Military Insurance we pay more... Gosh... crazy don't you think?  Oh well.... it is what it is and I'm ever so grateful our insurance isn't as much as some of these poor families have to pay.  

Speaking of medical insurance...this is why it's good to have!!!  One of my sewing buddies was in a terrible accident... look at this!  

She was hurt.... broken knee cap and ribs.  But she lived!!!  She said she didn't know what happened... driving fine and then boom...this happened!  The police officer said she hit a semi tire in the road.  Prayers and angels were with her.... speedy recovery Janice.  Thank the Lord you will be okay.  (((((((hugs))))))))

Another great accomplishment yesterday.... I DID OUR TAXES!!!  Yippee!!!!  We get back a return!!!  That's always the BESTEST OF THE BEST part!  I don't know what it is... but I hate doing the taxes.  It's rather a challenge doing them when you have a business... but once I'm finished.... it's such a relief!

Then... another FUN job crossed off my list... sending in changes to our fabric line - FARMHOUSE BLOOMS!  Vicky and I are so excited about this line!  It's totally different from what we normally sew with.  BUT.. .it's fun... great colors... and we have some super quilts and projects all lined up to make!  Remember the tablecloths our parents used in the 50's? (for those of you that are old enough) Well... that's the look and feel of it.  It's happy fabric!  Once we get it more finalized... I'll give you all another look at it.  They have it scheduled for the shops to order at the October market and delivery will be Jan/Feb!  Just in time for spring!

Today... I'm having lunch with my honey and BFF - Merry Ann!  Then I'm going to finish up some last minute projects for Jan's "Tea & Stitches" retreat.... work on the decorations for the sewing room... pick out my favorite tea cups we will be using for our afternoon teas... get them all washed and packed... it's only 9 days away!!!!   eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk........  I'm so excited for her.  I will be taking TONS OF PICTURES to post on the BLOG and FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

So... keep those machines humming.... I'll chat with you later!!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Monday Morning!!!

This is one of those weeks where ... I'm "finishing up" - "straightening up" - and "starting up" !  Whew... !!

Yes... I'm almost finished with all of the FUN THINGS for the Tea & Stitches Retreat (Jan Vaine) that we will help with from April 10 - 13!  We have all kinds of goodies for the gals... We sure hope they will be pleased.  Still have a few finishing touches... but the majority of the work is FINISHED!

Then... I'm "straightening up" my office... OMG!  Where does all this stuff come from... ?  I know... I know... it's from my multi-tasking! I can work on 10 things at one time and along with it make a HUGE MESS.  I just had to take some pics for you... Then I will do an after Pic when cleaned up.

This would be my printer area and filing system... isn't it ever so lovely?

This is the right side of my desk... of course there is the every wonderful cup of coffee and my rooster coffee rug mug that my friend Mary Ann made me... LOVE IT!  Use it EVERY SINGLE TIME I'm at my computer... and that's a BUNCH!

This is the chair in my office behind my desk.  This is where I  pile things that end up in my office that need to go into the sewing studio... I swear these things have little tiny feet and sneak in here at night when I'm fast asleep!  No wonder I am challenged at finding things.... does that happen to you?

So... I'm getting this area all pretty and spiffy... then I'll send follow up photos!

Gotta go... my coffee is empty and I MUST STAY FOCUSED TODAY!  HA! (that's a joke)

Hugs to all....


Saturday, March 22, 2014

NEW FABRIC - Strike Offs are here!

Hi Everyone!

We are so excited... our strike-offs have arrived from Marcus Fabrics and we LOVE THEM... we are only working on a few changes... !  It will be called Farmhouse Blooms!!

These are totally different from our last line... the inspiration if from our living on the farm when we were kids... in the 50's & 60's!  Remembering all of the flowers mom grew in the yard... we decided to have some floral in fun colors... here is the first peak!  I've mixed them all around so you can see how easy it will be to make all different color combinations.  

We have the brighter side of the reds, dark blues, and yellows.... 

Then the softer side is with our yellows, pinks and greens.  We still have several more pieces we are "tweeking" but we are very happy with it so far..... we already know what quilts and projects (sweet aprons to clothespin bags... just wait!) we will be making from all of it...can't wait to get started!

Let us know what you think... after all ... you're the customer and we want to please YOU!!  Send us your comments...PLEASE be honest... we need your feedback!

Keep on Sewing!!

Gloria, Vicky & Heather

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

OMG ... so much NEW THINGS FOR YOU!!!


Wow... these past two days have been exploding with NEW things for all of you... books, fabrics, fun blog postings.... !  Visit these sites and see what's NEW!!!

First... let's go to Marcus their blog "MarcusMentions" is full of great news... from...

This beautiful FREE Pattern... designed by Marcus's very own designer Faye Burgos!!!  All People Quilt magazine and Marcus have teamed up together...   Click here to read all about it:  Marcus Mentions Blog


Then... we have National Quilting Day - 
March 15    


Check out Carol Hopkins (I LOVE HER!) new book - CIVIL WAR LEGACIES II!  There are patterns inside that you simply cannot resist!  

PLUS...she highlights Enduring Legacy - 
Judy Rothemel's new line of fabric!!

Do you just not want to curl up in these quilts and never get up?

Look at those little snowball blocks... !  Oh my!!

Then.... we move over to Red Crinoline's Blog....

to get a quick peek at Paula Barnes R & B Tavern fabric... soon to be released!!  Hello... can you say... "simply luscious"???
Mary Ellen is getting ready to make a brand new quilt from these little beauties... (she's so stinkin' lucky.... darn it!)

oh... and let's don't forget Pam Buda's blog... she's the "sew-a-long-queen" and another one is beginning with her NEW fabric from Marcus Brothers... Prairie Stitches  Heartspun Quilts Blog.

AND... soon... very soon... Vicky and I will be able to see our new strike-offs (from the manufacturing mill) of our new line that will release for spring - called "Farmhouse Blooms"!  Here are a few pictures of the color palette...  We are so excited about these colors... perfect for all of our patterns we are designing!

Look what all you have to look forward to!!!!!  Isn't the life of fabric and quilting simply the "icing on the cake"?  



Jan Vaine's "Tea and Stitches" Retreat is getting some great designers that will be attending!!!  We are so excited to have Joyce Weeks - from Geoff's Mom pattern company!!  She's coming all the way from Utah to join Jan's class!!!  She's a doll and everyone will love having her in class!  Geoffs Mom Blog

Then... Lisa Bongean - Primitive Gatherings and 3 of her buddies are coming... from Wisconsin, Delaware... and other states to stitch!  They all needed some R & R in sunny Florida (they've had nasty weather this year) so we're going to order up some awesome sunshine for them!   Read all about it in Lisa's blog...  Lisa's Blog

Then... sign up NOW and join us!!!   Retreat Information


Ok... I think that is enough excitement for all of you today.... it's time for me to let you dig through the blogs and websites... I'm off to my sewing machine!!!

Chat with you all soon!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Project FINISHED!!!

Well... I've been working on some surprise projects for "make-it-take-it" kits!!!  Here is my latest... Sure hope you like it...

I wanted to design a fun Sewing Case that you can actually USE!  I have several and I keep them in my project bag... so... when I'm ready to stitch... everything is already with me!  So convenient!

We have pre-quilted fabric with a sweet red binding.  I've added the cloth measuring tape that wraps all around the outside and ties.  The flower, leaf and stem is a combination of wool and wool felt that I have used 12 wt Valdani thread - buttonhole stitch.

On the inside - left - we have another sweet flower... however, the center is stuffed and used as a small pin cushion.  To the bottom of the flower is your needle/pin keep.  On the right I've stitched a wool pocket... the left side is for your scissors and then the skinny pocket to the right is for a pen/pencil or seam ripper.  The measuring tape is for you to pop your binding clips to - 

This is my proto-type... I'm taking it to my sewing group today to see if they think we should make any changes.  They always have such great ideas.... 20 heads is better than one!!

So... I may be making  second one... we'll see what they all think.  Then this project will be debuted on our CRUISE - JUNE 1 !!  Yes... you lucky gals will get to make this FREE make-it-take-it while we are sailing the ocean blue and having the time of our lives!  I can't wait to hit the shore... and bask in the warm sunshine!  Wouldn't that feel so good right now?  Especially since we've had such icky weather for a couple of days?

If you have been "on the fence" about signing up, now is your chance!!!  Visit our website and read all about the trip!  We have some WONDERFULLY.... FUN... FUN... FUN... gals going with us.  Your sides will hurt with laughter after this trip... promise!  They are all a hoot!!

Time for more coffee and to get my sewing packed - heading out to Cinnamon's for a day of sewing!  I'm making surprise door prizes for the "Tea & Stitches" retreat (April 10 - 13) and for the "Let's Get Ready Fro Christmas" cruise (June 1 - 8).  You're gonna miss all the fun if you don't hurry and sign up!  


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pictures... I have pictures!!!


Hi everyone!!

I just read Mary Ellen's blog (Red Crinoline Quilts) and I decided...she did such a great job... heck.. I'm just stealing some of her information and posting it on my blog...'s not stealing... it's "sharing" !! 

Here we go...

We are all set up and everyone is sewing their little hearts out... in the front (you can't see them in this photo) we had three girls rug hooking... Oh My...were their projects ever gorgeous (Katie, Jane and Melody).  This is only about half of the room... we had 165 at this retreat... 3 men!!!  Let's hear it for the guys!!!

  See this great sewing machine????  Well... this is our friend's machine (Starla) and it's a treadle!!! It's a traveling treadle machine!  So cool.  Vicky told Starla it was her TT machine (traveling treadle)... and of course... we all had to tease her about that for some time!
It was so wonderful to watch her sew on it.  Just think...when the power is off... this chick can still keep sewing!  I was jealous!  Someday I'm going to have her teach me how to do this...!

Here we go with the sale room!  This was just the beginning of setting up... more was arriving each minute.  Then at 12:30 the gals started lining up at the door (opens at 1:00).  I'm telling you...they got some fabulous deals!  We sold almost $13,000 from this room!  Some of the gals squealed with glee when they saw their envelopes full of cash!  It just goes to show...what you no longer want... someone else does.  We will have another sale room in September...!!

Vicky had all of the attendees do something different this time.  As they finished their projects...they came up to the front of the room and we announced them to the group....then we held up their quilt, etc. for everyone to see... I lost count at how many things we saw.... it was simply unbelievable!!!  Such awesomeness in the room....such gave me GOOSEBUMPS!!

Diane Webber finished one of Red Crinolines quilts... Appomattox Courthouse!  She's only been quilting for a short time and has gone crazy!!!!

This pictures shows a sweet dog that Heather made from wool roving for one of the gals at the's just like HER DOG!  That Heather... every bone in her body is full of talent.... (I'm so glad she's mine).

This photo is of our mohair items, mice, rabbits and specialty pin cushions.

Here is a photo of the age difference we have at the retreat.... from the young...just beginning to quilt... to our sweet Shirley that has been quilting and cross-stitching her entire life.  It's so good to see the different ages working on these fun projects!!

We had tons of quilts turned in for our soldiers that are stationed here in Florida and for their families.  Barbara Enos and Bonnie McCarty lead the pack with the number of quilts they work on each year !!!  So many gorgeous ones were turned in along with pillowcases from the guild in Gainesville - Tree City Quilters.

For our 5 day gals...we scheduled lots of demos for them.... it was so much fun sharing different techniques and projects with them.  I showed them how to make casserole carriers, Vicky showed them how to take one fat quarter and using our tumbler templates cut out tons of them at one time...large and small and have almost zero waste of the fabric!  So Cool... then Mary Ellen showed them mitered borders, Spinning Stars, Bias Square Ruler... Phyllis showed her awesome template for her star quilt...then how to make a t-shirt jacket.... all of the demos were so wonderful!!!

Then... the best picture of all.... I caught Mary Ellen taking one of her little "power naps" at her sewing machine.  Now I'm telling you gals...these work wonders when you are getting a little blurry-eyed at either the sewing machine or the computer.... just lock those elbows into place and put your head in your hands.  Close your eyes... and before you know it... you are in la-la land and it only takes a few minutes...then you are good-to-go again on the sewing or typing.  Try it.... you'll be so glad you did!  She did tell me she was happy I got the "good hair day" side of her head!!  

Ok... for today... I'm working on handmade items for our upcoming "Tea & Stitches" retreat... these are both give-a-ways and door prizes...!  I'm having so much fun making these things... I just don't want to stop.... However, I can't tell you what they are...sssshhhh...they are a secret... I don't want those gals that have signed up to know ... and I know many of them read my blog.

So... off for a fresh cup of coffee... on with my Netflix and sew, sew.... and more sew!

Hugs to all on this beautiful - SUNNY Saturday here in Jacksonville, FL.. High today 67 degrees....

Keep stitchin'  & Celebrate Handmade !